Prom DJ Questions

The Most Important Questions to Ask
Before Booking a Prom DJ

1. Do they keep up with the hottest new music? Many DJs do not invest the time to keep their music libraries current. They may also lack the experience to know which of those hits will keep the crowd dancing (and which ones won't). Peak Entertainment stocks over 90% of all current hits at all times and our DJs do events every weekend and constantly monitor which songs are generating a great response and which are past their peak.

2. Do they charge extra for Lights? A prom without club lighting just isn't a prom. Many DJs charge extra for lights and will not tell a client this when quoting a low price. Others don't even offer sound-active lighting. Peak Entertainment brings an array of sound active club lights to every school event at no additional cost.

3. Do they have professional grade equipment that will provide a quality performance? Pro-grade gear is made to be dropped during load-in, vibrated for hours by a bouncing dance-floor, sustain the occasional spilled drink, etc. …and still perform at full capacity. Consumer-grade DJ items (laptops, low-quality speakers, etc.) lack the necessary controls to properly beat-mix music and are not built to deliver clean, rich sound to large crowds and withstand the rigors of road use. Your DJ should use pro-grade gear, transported in protective road cases, for optimum sound quality and reliability. Ask each DJ what brands they use then research the names. Rane DJ mixers cost around $1600.00. Mixers by Gemini, Numark and Behringer are $200. To which would you trust your event?

4. Do they always bring complete backup equipment? Even the best equipment can fail. If it fails during your event and the DJ has no backups, the party is over. Peak Entertainment brings a backup for every sound system component to every event.

5. What happens if they can't do the event and have to cancel? Many DJs do not have a backup DJ if, for some reason, they cannot do the show themselves. Some will also book an event at a very low price then cancel when a more profitable event comes along for the same date. Peak Entertainment will not quote an event unless we know we can do it for that price. We do over 300 events per year and have never cancelled on anyone.

6. Is a low price really a good price? DJs tend to charge what they are worth. Good DJs cost more because their superior skills and reputation are in high demand. If a DJ costs significantly less than others in the same market, there is usually a reason why. The DJ can make or break your event, so invest in a good one.

We love doing proms and we want yours to be the best it can be! Ask these questions as you shop for DJs. We’re confident that we’ll hear from you again.