DJs tend to charge what they are worth. Good DJs cost more because their reputation for a quality product is in high demand. If a DJ costs significantly less than others in the same market, there is usually a reason why. Your DJ can make or break your event, so invest in a good one.

Our DJ staff is made up of responsible, professional men and women who love what they do and are committed to doing it well. We compensate them accordingly and our price is reflective of their dedication and the meticulous preparation necessary to make your wedding exactly what you want it to be. Contact us so we can get started today!

Peak DJ Rates

According to The Knot, 75% of couples polled after their weddings say that, in hindsight, they would have invested more time in researching their entertainment and allocated more of their budget to it. To learn more about what questions to ask when shopping for a DJ, see our Questions page. Contact us for an exact quote for your wedding: 802-888-6978 / Quote Request Form